Barigo Penta 55


This watch is was design by Hans Gabriel Schroll.
Its the ultimate tool watch, it has the following functions all analogical displayed: Compass (Display of cardinal directions
Bearing in degrees (resolution 0°…360°) Compensation of magnetic declination); Altimeter (0m…+9.000m Resolution 10m Display of height in Km over 1.000m); Barometer (Weather forecast with 3 symbols sunny, cloudy, rainy); Thermometer (Display of temperature in °C -15°C…45°C); Time (Display of time in AM/PM (12/24h) hh:mm:ss); Alarm. Power Supply (Battery: CR2032 3V x 1).
It will be shipped in the original box, with instrunctions on a card, with a watch pillow and a cleaning tissue.
The condition it's near perfect.
Great watch for nature adventures!


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