Voumard 2000

Voumard 2000


An excellent piece for a watch collection. 

This is a back-set and back-wound watch, being a manual wind watch powered by Voumard's own caliber 2500.


It has a beautiful brushed touneau case, with markers printed in a very typical 60's style.

It comes in an original red box with two metallic labels, one indicating the presence of a calendar and the other that has 17 jewels.


Voumard Montres SA was based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland at the time. It was built to have 54h power reserve. The Voumard 2000 is also a true modular construction, with the entire caseback / movement / dial structure popping out through the back of the case with a simple push.


The movement and dial then separates from the caseback, and even the crystal can be separated from the dial with ease, again without the need for any tools.


Having a rotatable dial within a crownless case means the Voumard 2000 can also be classed as a true ‘convertible driver’s watch’ - where the wearer can rotate the dial to an angle more easily visible whilst gripping a steering wheel. With its high quality textured parchment dial, the Voumard is indeed a pleasing sight on the wrist.

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